About Me

Hey there! 

I’m Cait .I currently reside just outside Split, Croatia. I’ve also lived in Montenegro, built a house there, and even got married there! I have lived and traveled all over Europe, actually. But I fell in love with the Balkans. The beauty, people, and lifestyle are hard to beat. Of all of the places, I have lived and traveled…the Adriatic coast is by far my favorite. 

Have you dreamt of seeing King’s Landing from Game of Thrones? What if I told you there were better, cheaper, and less touristy places to spend your money? I didn’t say lower quality! What If I told you great boat tours cost a fraction of the price, the water is the same color blue and your dollars go much further? Make no mistake – I married a local. With his knowledge of the land and my experience of travel, we know where to take you! 

What you’ll find in this blog is the best the Balkans has to offer. How and where to vacation as well as how and where to travel. There is an important distinction and I have done both extensively. I show you how to budget for the average backpacker but also how to indulge if you want a luxury vacation. You’re in the right place if you’ve ever been curious about Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Romania, Bosnia, and more!

Come enjoy the beauty of the Balkans as I show you the best of the best and give you some history lessons along the way! 

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