Things To Do In Budva

The 7 best things to do in Budva, Montenegro

Budva is one of the main tourist destinations on the Adriatic Coast. Just two hours south of Dubrovnik, Croatia (yes King’s Landing in GOT). Budva thrives in the summertime, it fills with people from all over the world. There are tons of things to see and do! I’ve listed the 7 best things to do IN Budva. I have listed excursions separately which you can find here.

My parents wanted to buy a house in Spain, but changed their minds after spending just one week in Budva! And once you see it for yourself you’ll understand why. Budva has live Music, nightlife, historical landmarks, beaches, and more that can all be found in this small but mighty city.

It is my recommendation you stay in Budva for a week. It’s a central location for excursions like fishing, scuba diving, and day trips to some of the smaller villages on Kotor Bay. Read this post to get all the info you need before you go!

Old Town or Stari Grad:

Aside from the historical value, Stari Grad is one of the main attractions of Budva. It’s a thriving center for locals and tourists alike. Within the city walls, you can get lost in its seemingly endless nooks and crannies. During the summer some of the best pre-party bars are located within the walls.

Things to do in Budva
Old city walls of Budva’s Stari Grad

Old Town Budva is a UNESCO world heritage site. The history of the city dates to before the Holy Roman Empire! Sadly, in May of 1979, an earthquake almost destroyed the entire village. Notice when you’re walking around through the old walls that some of the stones are engraved with numbers. That’s not just some random thing, in the reconstruction of the city they numbered each stone and mapped where they belong! That’s right, every single stone has a home.

The passages behind the wall are like a maze, but don’t fret – the actual area of Stari Grad isn’t big and there are more than 5 entrances and exits. Give yourself the time to get lost in the city and then find yourself again. The marble, the lights, and the quaintness of the Stari Grad are hard to beat. Add in some live music and you’ve really got yourself something special!

Shopping in Stari Grad:

Most of my favorite shops are in Stari Grad. Moreover, it’s the only place without commercial shopping… you won’t find Zara, H&M or Sephora in Budva either.

If you didn’t come with a towel or need a nice linen shirt go to Natural Shop Budva.

I picked up my MOST used travel item here: a Turkish towel. Turkish towels are AWESOME. While you can find them cheaper from kiosks, the quality here is hard to beat. I try to avoid items that are mass-produced, and the ones from The Natural Shop Budva have taken me all around the world. Quite literally.

They also make an awesome gift to bring home. They’re compact, lightweight, and dry very quickly.

The most popular shops you will find are jewelers and boutiques.

Traveling Budva


Churches – Check out Sveti Ivan (Saint Ivan) & the Church of St. Sabba the Sanctified

Museum – City Museum of Budva

Fortress Citadel – A great place to check out that includes some history and great views!

The world’s oldest Olive Tree in Becici. Park and take a quick uphill hike to one of the oldest olive trees in the world. It’s over 2,000 years old… While it still grows fruit the olives are past tasting good. If you continue on the same path you’ll be able to check out some old caves. A fun way to get in your morning steps.

Live Music:

Live music is everywhere in Budva. From Folk music to modern beats spun by local DJs there is a bar and vibe for everyone. The beach bars play music. Kamenovo even hosts local artists.

Kuca Pub: My favorite place to keep it low-key. They have a terrasse that overlooks the people below. On the weekends they host local artists. Kuca is perfect to start your evening. It’s attached to a hostel, which is why it attracts a younger crowd.

El Mundo: If you want lively action, this is my favorite. The Old Town walls are lit up, people gather from all over the world, and just behind you is the Marina. The open-air and modern music creates a perfect atmosphere. This is the best place to start the night!

Restoran Pjaca: if you’re looking for an authentic taste of Montenegro, eat here. They have an incredible local artist that plays every night. The food is great, and the atmosphere is better. Of all the nights I spent in Budva, this one holds a special place in my heart. You can see and feel the respect from the locals that everyone has for Zlopi. He’s famous within Budva and for good reason!

Jadran Beer Bike Club: If you like Rock Music, go here. They have a very fun atmosphere, it’s decked out like an American Biker Bar complete with Harleys. They have the best sausages to offer in Budva. Grab a beer, grab a seat, and enjoy!


Speaking of live music, the nightlife in Budva is some of the best to experience. The party goes on all night long! (seriously, one time I left the club around 5 am and we weren’t even close to being the last to leave. People were still walking in! You can’t skip the nightlife. It’s one of the best things to do in Budva.


Tophill hosts some of the biggest names in music – both American and Balkan. If you’re not a fan of folk music, be sure to see who is playing that weekend. A taxi from Stari Grad to TopHill costs about $6-9, depending on traffic. TopHill does charge a cover for some of the big names.

TopHill is one of Europe’s most impressive nightclubs and was even voted THE BEST nightclub in all of Europe. It’s open-air – something I didn’t know I needed to have in the summer months. The stage is huge and in my opinion, the cost of bottles is also fair. It will be more expensive than some places in the city, but the atmosphere is hard to beat!

What you pay for at TopHill is worth it and returned a few times over in my opinion. As someone who has galivanted through some of the biggest cities in Western Europe and gone to the “best” clubs in those cities – few really make money worth it. It’s an experience no doubt, and one I am glad to have, but you can usually expect the same things. Crowded, hard to move, reeks of cigarettes, and is very expensive. I get all the perks of big-time clubs and very few of the cons at TopHill. It’s one of the best things to do in Budva.

La Perla:

La Perla is a one-stop shop. They offer lunch, and dinner and even have a club in the basement. The party in Budva (for internationals) is between La Perla and Tophill. They play American or “top-hits” music. You’re unlikely to find any folk music – and that’s for good reason. They want to attract tourists from western Europe and America.

Beach Nightclubs:

There are a few nightclubs that are located on the beach. I have never been there, and as an American, I wouldn’t recommend going. Most of the music is folk, and if you’re not from the Balkans could be a deterrent. I cannot give my full advice, however, because I have never been to one.

You’ll find most of these beach nightclubs on either Jaz beach or Slovenska beach.


Budva has a heavy Italian influence. All of the Adriatic Coast is part of the Mediterranean too, so you’ll see lots of the same things you could find in Greece or Italy. Juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and their own take on Feta cheese… ugh I can’t get enough of Sopska (pronounced shop-ska) salads! I order one with every meal I eat out.

Okay, salads aside there are a lot of places I like to eat in Budva. I personally have eaten at all of these places… it’s not that I’m picky, but I am selective. However, I am fairly adventurous when it comes to trying new things. The good news is that Mediterranean & Italian cuisine isn’t “new” to Americans. And neither is meat and potatoes. You’ll find an abundance of both in Montenegro.


Casper is inside the Old Town perfect for the afternoon aperitif. I always look for an excuse to come and sit in Casper. The architecture flows naturally with the surrounding buildings in Stari Grad. Grape vines provide shade, so it stays cool. It’s perfect to rest your feet from shopping and visiting landmarks. I order a Hugo or Aperol and share a charcuterie board. A perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

Check them out here.

Vista Vidikovac:

Full disclosure I got married here. It has the best views of the Old Town and surrounding landscapes. You can overlook the beaches below. Mogren I and Mogren II. Great food for a great price.

I mean, COME ON! Look at that VIEW! If you want a big breakfast and coffee this is also a great place to start your day. There are fewer people and you get your choice of seating. I will always recommend this place. It’s simply beautiful.

I’d go for the views alone but it helps that they have a huge menu. Rajko always gets the burger… it’s juicy and flavorful. You really can’t go wrong. Seafood and traditional dishes are among some of the choices you’ll find. It’s upscale without being too pricey.

Jadran Beer Bike club:

The best place for live rock music and wurst. Jadran offers huge portions of food & beer. The bar is also decked out in Harley Davison memorabilia. This is the best place to get a sausage and have a more casual evening. It’s located a short walk from the Stari Grad.

During the summer it’s great for people-watching – it’s on the main drag which puts you right in the middle of the action! There are bands playing often – so make sure you get there early for table.

Pjaca In Slovensa Plaza

I mentioned this place for the music, but it deserves some more recognition. There is live music nightly. Mediterranean-style dishes. Lots of fresh fish, risotto, and Montenegrin wine. It may be on the more expensive side by Montenegrin standards.

If it helps you get an idea of the cost, I went with 7 people. Everyone had multiple drinks, we shared an appetizer, and everyone got main dishes and then a couple of desserts for the table. The total? 180 euros. Yeah, for everything! Consider Restoran Pjaca for your big “cultural” outing.


Beachfront dining. Another great place to take in the views while you dine! Similar menus to the previous places I’ve mentioned. I’d go here for a pre-dinner drink. The atmosphere is hard to beat!

Tri Ribara:

These guys only cook what they catch. The display in front of the restaurant shows you what is available. I did mention Budva is full of fresh seafood, and this place ensures quality with a family vibe. While not technically in Budva, the restaurant sits just a few yards from the beach. Enjoy the people-watching and view of Ivanovici.

Budva Restaurants - view
View overlooking Ivanovici.


Local’s favorite. I asked some friends in Budva what their first choice for food would be and both mentioned Porto Gusto. They host a variety of options including some traditional Balkans food. If you haven’t dared to try anything outside your comfort zone, go for the Cevapi. They’re small sausages (with no casing) and come served with fries, kajmak (a butter/cheese product. It’s my kryptonite.), and fresh bread. Don’t forget to try Ajvar. I eat this stuff on everything. Ajvar is a red pepper spread. Delicious. Goes with bread, meat, vegetables…you name it.


The area around Budva hosts 22 beaches! All with different atmospheres and sea/land relationships. You can find sand, rocky shores, beaches that seem like they never get deep, and others that get deep quickly. Beaches are probably why you chose to come to Budva. Rest assured, this is the BEST thing to do in Budva.


My favorite and the one my husband and I call home. Specifically, we go to a bar called Arena. The beds are at a reasonable price, and their drinks are usually the cheapest on the beach. A mojito will run you about 6-7 Euros. They have friendly service, music playing, and open sand for kids to play.


Scaled up from the budget-friendly Arena is Kamenovo. This beach has wonderfully comfortable beds that will suit your Instagram picture needs. They also offer cabanas. The water here is crisp, clean, and far from the noisiest beaches. Kamenovo also has a volleyball court, so bring your best game face and get ready to play!

Mogren II

Another favorite beach of mine. One of my favorite things about this beach is the walk to get there. You will pass alongside one of the most famous views in all of Budva, the ballerina statue. A seaside path that’s carved into the cliffs below, lends an extraordinary view of the sea and the Old Town. After you curve around the cliff you will be at Mogren I. Cross this beach, and through an opening in the rocks – there lies Mogren II.

Mogren II is the best suited for kids as they have a HUGE floating obstacle course. I’m not going to lie to you, I spent an hour climbing all over it myself and it was massively fun. Even my stepmom joined us to do it one day! If you’re a land person, this place is ideal for sunshine. The beds are great and moderately priced – trust me you will want one at this beach. It’s quite rocky. Another great perk of the rocky beach is the prospect of finding a TON of sea glass.

Sveti Nikola or “Hawaii”:

Find a boat taxi to take to you the island just offshore from Budva. You’ll find a few bars on the island. My favorite is Beach Bar Pod Murvom. The snorkeling is especially good here, but be aware that the water can get a lot rougher here than on the mainland. Additionally, the beaches are VERY rocky.

Because of the orientation of the island, mid-day to the evening is the best time to get sunshine. I recommend everyone who visits Budva come here at least once during their trip. It’s Instagram-worthy and gets you away from the big crowds of Budva without having to drive and park. Boat taxis are about 3-5 euros and run regularly during the day. Be aware that the last taxis leave around 7 pm. DO NOT miss your boat!!!


Budva has a ton to offer, especially for young travelers. This is also a great place to bring a young family, a grown family, and everything in between. Budva caters to a diverse demographic (age-wise) and has lots to see and do. I am a bit biased because I live my summers in Budva, but I am NEVER bored.

This is one of my favorite places in the world. I’m lucky to live here!

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