What to Pack for your trip to Montenegro

What to Pack for your Trip to Montenegro

Zdravo! Ciao! So I told you here what you would need to know before you go to Montenegro… Now let’s talk about what to pack for your trip to Montenegro.

This comprehensive list is not only good for your trip to Montenegro but rather the whole Mediterranean. The Balkan coast is simply one of the components that make up the Mediterranean.

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Packing for Montenegro means packing for heat and humidity.
Montenegro is like any other destination on the Mediterranean, HOT & HUMID

People who live along the coast live an easy, breezy lifestyle. You’ll notice lots of linen, cotton, and lightweight materials. The silhouettes used along the Mediterranean are usually more loose and flowy… clothes that let in a breeze against your body will keep you cool, and look put together.


Saltwater is very damaging. Add sunlight, sunscreen, and repeated wearing…. these will leave your suits looking really worn down. To avoid damage, rinse yourself off at any of the numerous showers at the beaches. Definitely pack a couple of swimsuits, too!

As you may know in Europe, being topless is perfectly acceptable. It is rare to see topless beachgoers in Montenegro, but showing skin is never an issue! You will see lots of local and European tourists sporting speedos and super skimpy swimsuits. Bring whatever you’re comfortable in 🙂

Water shoes/Waterproof Sandals:

Bring something you are comfortable wearing in salt water. Leather does not mix well with salt! Crocs or plastic flip-flops are great. Most beaches are rocky, so you’ll want to wear them up to the water. If you plan on swimming for a while, don’t bring something expensive…It’s not that they will get stolen, but you don’t want to risk it.

There are also lots of beaches that require a walk… so don’t skip on comfort! Packing for your trip to Montenegro requires both comfort and function.

For the daytime, I suggest sandals like Teva’s or Chaco’s. They are waterproof, easy to clean and pack and give your foot support on cobbled streets.

Try these super functional and cute Teva’s: https://www.teva-eu.com/en/hr/women-sandals/midform-universal-canvas/1127570.html

Street Shoes:

High Heels are welcome to be worn for evenings. Keep in mind that many streets are made of marble or cobbled stones. If you’re not a professional heel walker, skip them. Slick and uneven surfaces are not the way you want to end an evening of fun!

Sneakers: Likely your best friend for non-water excursions like sightseeing and walking the Stari Grads. You will see many girls wearing sneakers to go clubbing, so don’t feel weird about your shoe choice for a night out. Unless you pay for a table you can expect to be on your feet for the whole night.

I like my Van’s that look like this: https://www.vans.com/en-us/shoes-c00081/old-skool-shoe-pvn000d3hy28

Dress shoes: These are unlikely to be worn by the average tourist at all. If you’re planning for a few nice meals or they’re your everyday shoe, by all means, pack them. However, if you’re not a regular dress shoe wearer, they’re not necessary.

Linen or Cotton Clothing Items:

Linen dries the quickest and will keep you cool. Synthetic fabrics close to your skin in high heat can become uncomfortable quickly. Packing for your Montenegro trip should focus on easy-dry fabrics and comfort above all.

Cotton t-shirts, shorts, and pants are your best options. Avoid denim unless they’re shorts. Jeans will become quite swampy with the humidity and high temps. Nobody likes swamp-ass.

Linen button-down shirts also work great as a beach cover-up, an item for covering in a church or out to dinner! I buy mine from Amazon.

Club attire:

Wear what you’re comfortable in. If you want to show skin, do that. If not – don’t. Many girls don’t wear heels and opt for sneakers to dance the night away in. Nightlife in Montenegro is poppin’. Anyone in their twenties or kid-free people should go out at least once.

I usually wear a skirt or some super lightweight slacks and a tank top. The focus is on keeping myself cool. No matter what you wear, bring at least one outfit when you pack for your trip to Montenegro.

Hats or face protection:

Something to cover your face from the sun is a must. Whether you’re on a boat, on the beach, or walking around, it’s a good idea to pack one. If you would rather buy when you arrive the shops have tons of cute options. They’re not expensive so you won’t feel bad about not taking them home with you. Unless of course, you want it as a souvenir.

Wearing a hat to help protect your face is my number one tip to avoid sun exhaustion. When you pack for your trip to Montenegro… don’t skip the hat.

Mosquito repellent:

No insect repellents in Europe have deet. I have found that they’re not very strong in general. If you’re like me, sweet like candy to the tiny heathens, bring your own from the U.S.. I’m not saying you need one with deet, but OFF in the U.S. is far more effective and cheaper than the options in the Balkans.

They are EVERYWHERE. If you’re going to sleep with the windows open buy a plug-in from the store when you arrive. On the day of my wedding (mid-June), I woke up with 19 on just one arm. Coming prepared when you pack for your trip to Montenegro doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be effective – don’t skip the mosquito repellent!

Something to cover your shoulders when entering churches:

If you plan to step into a church, you should follow the appropriate dress code. For women, at MINIMUM you need to have your shoulders covered. I would say having your knees covered is less of an issue. No matter what – be respectful of the guidelines.

The linen cover-up I mentioned earlier is perfect to slip over a tank top or dress! Being respectful of the culture of your destination is important. Don’t skip multi-functional clothes when you pack for your trip to Montenegro

Dinner Attire:

Button-down shirts, polos, skirts, dresses, and even shorts are all fine to wear. It’s casual along the Adriatic coast. Some great materials are cotton and linen like I listed above. Dressing up is always a good idea for nicer restaurants. It’s easy to wear a linen shirt to the beach and then dinner.

For women, I love wearing an oversized men’s oxford shirt. They’re trendy right now as well. Works great for a light cover if you need it and is appropriate to wear to dinner with well-suited pants.

How to get the most out of your suitcase space:

As I said earlier, packing shouldn’t be complicated. If you know what to pack, and the things you can wear over and over in your wardrobe, grab those items first.

There isn’t much for shopping in Montenegro, so don’t feel like you need to save space to bring stuff home. I mention in another one of my articles that there’s a particular store I buy something from every year. But it’s just one item. Montenegro isn’t known to be a shopping destination and doesn’t cater to internationals for such.

I like using packing cubes, like these from amazon. They help keep your stuff organized and tidy… and I also think they help you get more out of your suitcase space.

Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane:

For avid travelers, we know the name of the game. Wear your bulkiest and warmest items on planes. I know… you see it in movies and TV shows all the time… people dressed looking like they’re ready to hop off a plane and head straight to the beach…

But that’s not reality. Airplanes are kept cold… I always bring a sweatshirt and layer up – especially for overnight Atlantic Ocean crossings. If you plan on going hiking… wear those boots on the plane. Bring your one and only pair of jeans to wear ON YOU. The chances you will wear such heavy items again will pretty much be reserved for your flight home.

Things NOT to pack for your trip to Montenegro:

Sunscreen – don’t weigh your bag down with sunscreen. They sell it everywhere. Not only are the European brands better for your skin, but they’re also cheaper. Plus, you will find the same brands you’re familiar with back home.

Bronzing/tanning oils: If you want to work on your tan – look for something called Bronzing Marmelade in the shops. It’s my go to. Super nourishing and gets you dark! Some do include pigment so be careful if you’re wearing white clothes or light-colored swimsuits. Trust me, don’t bring your own. You will want to take this stuff home with you to use!

Coats/Heavy Jackets: – it does not cool off in the evenings along the coast. You can expect a slight temperature drop, but the humidity really keeps the heat. Avoiding making your suitcase heavy with unnecessary jackets. If you come in early summer or late summer, a light rain jacket should be just fine.

Towels: Your accommodation will provide you with towels for showering and the beach. I do suggest picking up a Turkish Towel once you’ve arrived. I wear mine as a sarong, a makeshift dress, use it as a beach towel, and pretty much take it everywhere with me… This would be another item to buy once you’ve arrived. I got mine from the Natural Shop Budva, found in the Stari Grad.

Finished packing?

Are you done packing for your trip to Montenegro? Check out this link to see what to do while in Montenegro!

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